Wash skin with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Completely dry skin is important to prevent the ink from bleeding. If there is too much hair on the desired area, shave it off for best results.


    Remove the clear protective sheet and place the tattoo on the desired body part.

  • WET

    Place the included damp cloth on the back of the tattoo. Press for 30 seconds.
    CAUTION: Do not use excessive water.


    Gently remove the backing from the tattoo. The design has now been transferred to your skin and will slowly penetrate.?????

  • WAIT

    The vegetable ink reacts slowly with your skin. Wait 48 to 72 hours for optimal results. And now...



Place the tattoo on smooth, flat, recently shaved areas of the body. Avoid sweating, swimming or showering for the first 8 hours after application. Wear loose clothing over your tattoo the first night after application to prevent transfer to other parts of your body.


Do our natural tattoos need to grow? Your tattoo is not glued to the leather skin, it stains the epidermis. This natural reaction takes 24 to 72 hours.

Do our natural tattoos last up to 2 weeks? The epidermis renews itself every 7 to 14 days.

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What is our ink made of?

The active ingredient is the juice of the fruit of the plant Genipa americana. When harvested unripe, the fruit contains a compound that binds to the proteins in your skin and darkens them. This property of the juice was discovered by the indigenous people of Central and South America and has been used for centuries to make temporary tattoo

How long does the tattoo last?

The natural ink of the Ink Identity tattoo will last 1-2 weeks, depending on your skin and location. Do not scrub your tattoo hard when washing, dip the tattoo dry, moisturize your skin.

What color is the tattoo?

The color of your tattoo can range from dark blue to black depending on your skin type. Ink Identity's ingredients have no added chemicals to guarantee you an exact shade. The color is created by the bond between the Genipa americana plant extract and your skin. Therefore, the final color will depend on your skin type.

What are the shipping costs?

Free shipping to BE, free shipping to NL and DE from 34€.

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